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Market News
Dow Jones Futures: Bellwethers FedEx, Micron Technology Give Grim Earnings Outlooks
7 hours ago

Gloomy FedEx and Micron guidance hit shares of FedEx, Micron and related companies. But stock futures held steady.

Stock Market Today Volatile Ahead Of Fed; What's Ahead For Apple?
13 hours ago

The stock market closed with modest gains ahead of the Fed's interest rate decision due Wednesday. The key indexes turned red before coming back.

Dow Jones Today: Boeing Spikes On Dividend News; Nike Rises Ahead Of Results
15 hours ago

Gains faded in the stock market Tuesday afternoon after a bearish session Monday. In the Dow Jones today, Boeing jumped on news of a raised dividend.

Dow Jones Rebounds After 2-Day, 1,000-Point Plunge; These 2 Sectors Aim At Comeback
16 hours ago

The Dow Jones industrial average clawed back a small portion of its two-day 1,000-point sell-off. But the Nasdaq composite led the advance in stocks today.

Stocks Thrust Higher, But Breakouts Among Leaders Are Missing
18 hours ago

Breakouts are missing as the stock market waits for news this week on interest rates and a possible government shutdown.

Dow Jones Leads Rally As These 2 Blue-Chip Stocks Boost Buybacks
20 hours ago

The Dow Jones industrials gained 300 points early Tuesday with solid gains from Boeing and Johnson & Johnson. Both boosted their buyback plans.

Stock Market Today: Track Market Trends And The Best Stocks To Watch
20 hours ago

Check the Stock Market Today column to spot changes in market trend and track the best stocks to buy and watch.

U.S. Stock Market News
20 hours ago

Track current U.S. stock market news, and get analysis of the latest trends on the S&P 500, Nasdaq composite and Dow Jones industrial average. Plus, get timely alerts to the best stocks to buy and watch.

Stocks Surge At Starting Bell; Boeing Lifts Dow Jones
20 hours ago

Boeing and Oracle thrash out early leads Tuesday as stocks launch into a big rebound: small caps face a bearish challenge.

Dow Jones Futures: Today's Market Is Dark Mirror Version Of The Early 2018 Stock Market Correction
22 hours ago

Stock futures: The early 2018 market correction was bad, but with the major averages undercutting lows Monday, it's clear that today's market is the dark mirror version.

Dow Jones Today: Nike, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson Fall Sharply
1 day ago

Major stock indexes sold off again Monday. In the Dow Jones today, big decliners included Nike, Goldman Sachs and Johnson & Johnson.

What's New?
  • The new Breadth Extension is now available for and QStudio. Use a plethora of market breadth indicators for NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX in your models and charts.
  • QStudio Build 165 released with a new and improved design of the Data Source user interface.
  • QStudio Build 164 released with 2 new plot styles, and a simplification of the Plot method for C# Coded Models.
  • You can now view Feature Requests filtered by open and closed status, check the Forum menu item above.
  • QStudio Build 162 released with several useful enhancements, including Long and Short breakdowns in performance report and equity curve, fundamental item plot selection, and signals alert in model window status bar.
Q Merlin wrote 4 days ago

Something seems to be wrong in this calculation. Any help is appreciated...

Here's the formula i'm currently using in Tradingview:

giLong = open < lowest(low[1],20) and (open < close[1] and close > open) and (close >= open or ((100 * (close - low) / (high - low)) > 50)) ? true : false

public override void Execute(BarHistory bars, int idx)
  if (bars.Count <= 20)
  int index = idx;
  Position longPosition = FindOpenPosition(0);

  var ll = new Lowest(bars.Low, 20)[index];
  bool gil = bars.Open[index] < ll && (bars.Open[index] < bars.Close[index - 1] && bars.Close[index] > bars.Open[index]) && (bars.Close[index] >= bars.Open[index] || ((100 * (bars.Close[index] - bars.Low[index]) / (bars.High[index] - bars.Low[index])) > 50)) ? true : false;
W BWO1000 wrote 8 days ago submitSignal Private Platform World Parameters Required Type Min Max systemid integer

W BWO1000 wrote 11 days ago

An alert quote manager is required to operate this script properly because you cannot send every order at once, just create the alert as in previous versions of older PERL script WL and that should make it possible to use in Quantacula.

Published by Q Merlin 7 hours ago

The idea behind this model is an investment for the retirement capital and to ensure to be out of the market during bear markets. In addition, the system is suitable for persons who have never dealt with the stock exchanges before. It can also be used as a Market Timing model on a higher time scale. Profits can be leveraged by using the ProShares Ultra SSO ETF (doubles returns of the S&P 500 for a single day using stocks/derivatives), but a slightly larger draw down must be considered. Back tests since 1978 on the S&P 500 Index have shown very impressive results with a similarly low draw down.

APR: 6.45% • WIn Rate: 80.00% • Sharpe: 0.51
released 4 days ago

The StockPup Extension downloads historical fundamental data for US stocks from After you install the Extension, enable StockPup fundamentals by selecting it in the list of Fundamental Providers in the Data Sources interface.


The Extension provides 37 historical fundamentals. StockPup fundamental items are tagged with a [sp] prefix.

[sp] Shares, [sp] Shares split adjusted, [sp] Split factor, [sp] Assets, [sp] Liabilities, [sp] Shareholders equity, [sp] Non-controlling interest, [sp] Preferred equity, [sp] Goodwill & intangibles, [sp] Long-term debt, [sp] Revenue, [sp] Earnings, [sp] Earnings available for common stockholders, [sp] EPS basic, [sp] EPS diluted, [sp] Dividend per share, [sp] Cash from operating activities, [sp] Cash from investing activities, [sp] Cash from financing activities, [sp] Cash change during period, [sp] Cash at end of period, [sp] Capital expenditures, [sp] ROE, [sp] ROA, [sp] Book value of equity per share, [sp] P/B ratio, [sp] P/E ratio, [sp] Cumulative dividends per share, [sp] Dividend payout ratio, [sp] Long-term debt to equity ratio, [sp] Equity to assets ratio, [sp] Net margin, [sp] Asset turnover, [sp] Free cash flow per share, [sp] Current assets, [sp] Current liabilities, [sp] Current ratio

Some tips for using fundamental data in Quantacula Studio:

  • Go to Chart Preferences, Fundamentals to select which fundamental data icons to automatically plot on a chart.
  • Use the Fundamental indicator to access any fundamental data item in a Building Block Model, or to drag and drop on a chart.
  • Use the FundamentalRatio indicator to easily create your own ratios such as Annual Dividend Yield, or Assets/Liabilities.
  • In C# Coded Models, access the fundamental data using the Fundamentals property of the BarHistory class.

Q Eugene wrote 8 days ago

Dion, would be nice to have a way to choose which items can be plotted on the chart to avoid this.

Published by W BWO1000 11 days ago

SuperBands with Linear Regression Analysis Once the Top 25 Performing Limit Order Wealth Script from Wealth Lab Pro, Glitch introduced me to this website so I could contribute this algorithm to Quantacula.

The Dip Buying Performance is functionally designed for NASDAQ-100 Instruments Equities Only and Not for ETFs or Futures. Just Stocks.

Presented to the Kentucky Math Association in May 2005 at Centre College while I was a Junior now a Financial Economist, Mathematician, and Computer Scientist.

APR: 44.59% • WIn Rate: 59.06% • Sharpe: 1.13
released 19 hours ago

The Breadth Extension provides a plethora of market breadth data for your analysis. First off, the Extension creates three new Universes that contain symbols returning breadth indicators for the following markets:

  • NYSE
  • AMEX

The following breadth information is available for each market:

  • Advancing Issues
  • Declining Issues
  • Unchanged Issues
  • New Highs
  • New Lows

In addition to the Universes, the Extension adds the following new Indicators to Quantacula Studio and You can drag and drop these Indicators onto the chart, or use them in Building Block Models, like any standard Quantacula Indicator.

  • A/D Line - Advance/Decline Line, Advancing Issues minus Declining Issues, added to the previous indicator value.
  • A/D Ratio - Advance/Decline Ratio, Advancing Issues divided by Declining Issues.
  • A/D Spread - Advance/Decline Spread, Advancing Issues minus Declining Issues.
  • ABI - Absolute Breadth Index, absolute value of Advancing Issues minus Declining Issues.
  • Breadth - Returns one of the above breadth indicators for the specified market.
  • BreadthThrust - Moving average of Advancing Issues divided by moving average of Advancing Issues plus Declining Issues.
  • McClellanOsc - 19 period EMA of Advancing Issues minus Declining Issues minus the 39 period EMA of same.
  • TRIN - Arms Index (TRIN), Advancing Issues over Declining Issues divided by Advancing Issues Volume over Declining Issues Volume.


Q Merlin wrote 6 days ago

I wonder whether there was ever a request to integrate a Social Media Sentiment Feature into QS using Twitter or StockTwits? A feature of StockTwits is the option to label a tweet as bullish/bearish. The idea is based on the following blog post:


Q Glitch wrote 9 days ago

Tucked away in the Quantacula indicators list is a recent gem, an indicator called FundamentalRatio. This indicator creates a ratio by dividing any two fundamental items and/or price components and applying optional summing and multiplication. In order to see any useful results with FundamentalRatio, you'll first need to enable some fundamental data in Quantacula Studio.

released 11 days ago

The CBOE Extension provides a Historical Data Source and Universes from the Chicago Board Options Exchange web site.

The following symbols are available as a single series of data points (open, high, low, close will all be equal):

  • TOTALPC - Total Put/Call Ratio and Exchange Volume (1995 to present)
  • INDEXPC - Index Put/Call Ratio and Volume (2003 to present)
  • EQUITYPC - Equity Put/Call Ratio and Volume (2003 to present)
  • SPXPC - S&P 500 Index® (SPX®) Put/Call Ratio (2010 to present)
  • VIXPC - Volatility Index® (VIX®) Put/Call Ratios (2006 to present)
  • SKEW - SKEW Index

The following symbols are available as OHLC series:

  • VIX3M - S&P 500® 3-Month Volatility Index®
  • VIX - CBOE Volatility Index®
  • VXN - CBOE Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index
  • VXD - CBOE DJIA Volatility Index