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Market News
Stocks Reverse Higher As Pinterest Stock Goes Public, Zoom Soars On IPO
1 day ago

On a day when Pinterest stock went public and Zoom also launched a widely watched IPO, the stock market shook off early weakness and closed higher Thursday.

Apple Seeks To Join Top Stocks, Helps Boost Dow Jones; Hot Tech IPO Triggers New Buy Point
1 day ago

Apple is enjoying its second weekly gain of 2% to 3% in each of the past three weeks, and its new breakout is working. Zscaler is testing a key level.

Dow Jones Today Is Led By Travelers, American Express; Software Stocks Weak Again
1 day ago

The Dow Jones today was in the driver's seat in afternoon trading Thursday, led by Travelers and American Express which reported strong earnings.

Dow Jones Keeps To Upside As 3 Blue Chips Post Solid Gains
1 day ago

Dow Jones stock Travelers beat the Street's consensus estimates on revenue and earnings. American Express topped estimates on earnings but missed on sales.

Stock Market Sharply Mixed, As This Hot IPO Stock Crashes
1 day ago

The stock market was sharply mixed early Thursday. Tech stocks lagged with the Nasdaq falling 0.4%. Hot IPO stock StoneCo crashed 20%.

U.S. Stock Market News
1 day ago

Track current U.S. stock market news, and get analysis of the latest trends on the S&P 500, Nasdaq composite and Dow Jones industrial average. Plus, get timely alerts to the best stocks to buy and watch.

Stock Market Today: Track Market Trends And The Best Stocks To Watch
1 day ago

Check the Stock Market Today column to spot changes in market trend and track the best stocks to buy and watch.

Dow Jones Leads, Nasdaq Dips; Pinterest, Zoom Set To Launch
1 day ago

Blackstone Group and United Rentals surged Thursday, as stocks opened higher, then quickly turned mixed ahad of the holiday weekend.

Dow Jones Futures Signal Stock Market Losses; This Sector Leads Despite Plunging Earnings
1 day ago

Stock futures: Chip stocks such as AMD, Intel and Qualcomm are leading the current market rally even though they share this glaring weakness. Here's why.

Stock Futures: Check Premarket Prices On Dow Futures, S&P Futures, Nasdaq Futures
2 days ago

See where the stock market may be headed by checking the premarket price action in the stock futures, including Dow futures, S&P futures and Nasdaq futures.

Dow Jones Falls As Medical Stocks Massacred, But Top Stocks Thrive In These Sectors
2 days ago

Amid dull moves by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500, drops by medical stocks were hardly small. Many health care stocks hit sell signals.

What's New?
  • QStudio Q178 released today, which includes the FourrierSeries indicator in the TASC extension.
  • QStudio Q177 released today, which includes the versatile BarsSince static method.
  • We integrated the new Indicator Spotlight feature with the Indicator Selector for Building Block and Rotation Models.
  • Introducing a new semi-regular Quantacula feature - Indicator Spotlight. Learn about technical indicators while interacting with them on the chart. Use sliders to dynamically change their parameters, and see the indicators respond immediately to your changes. We kick off the series with the beloved RSI Indicator.
W Findex wrote 5 days ago


Getting the following error running an online backtest "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"

Kind regards, Erik

Published by Q BWO1000 12 days ago

This is the actual model originally described as the Golden Cross with the Death Cross as a sell and reverse trigger which is my own take on the strategy and note this is a time period 50 small sma periods and 200 large sma periods that has also been featured numerous times by technicians using a 10% of equity position size and as of the date I published this using my own custom watchlist I see one lucky long with triple digit returns and the rest plus or minus mid single digits so compared to the past results regardless this is not a good strategy and just here to test your money management skills and ability to program.

APR: 25.75% • WIn Rate: 37.78% • Sharpe: 0.65
Published 18 days ago

The Exponential Moving Average indicator smooths the source data with an ever-decreasing exponent. The weighting for each older data point decreases exponentially, never reaching zero.

Q bitfool wrote 13 hours ago

I thought this would be easier. I haven't yet taken a deep dive to try and figure out how to create a Historical Data Source just to read a CSV file... but is that really what it takes? This feels like overkill. Am I missing something? Is there example code for a simple way to read a darn CSV file of prices?

Q bitfool wrote 8 days ago

Hey, could use confirmation on this bug report. I build a simple block model with an Indicator compare to Indicator using ATR(50) looking one day back, and add the qualifier block for Indicator Symbol set to SPY (or anything). When I run this model, no matter what I change the external symbol (SPY) to, it never changes the backtest results. When I Open as C# Code Model, the C# model behaves the same way it gives me this code:

externalSymbol = GetHistory(bars, "SPY");
indicator = new ATR(bars, 50);
indicator1 = new ATR(bars, 50); 

But of course that should be

externalSymbol = GetHistory(bars, "SPY");
indicator = new ATR(externalSymbol, 50);
indicator1 = new ATR(externalSymbol, 50); 

Other indicators that I've tried seem to be working, so this seems an isolated to ATR code problem.

Published by Q BWO1000 12 days ago


APR: 17.75% • WIn Rate: 75.00% • Sharpe: 0.78
Published 23 days ago

The Simple Moving Average indicator calculates the average of a series of values using a specific lookback period. The result is a line that moves along the data, representing a smoothed version of the source.

Published 4 days ago

The Highest and Lowest indicators return the highest/lowest values in a data series over the specified period.

released 10 days ago

The WealthSignals Adapter is a Quantacula Studio Broker Adapter that lets you submit trading signals to one of your strategies. WealthSignals is a site where traders can publish their trading signals, either from a mechanical trading system, or their gut, and garner subscribers who pay a monthly fee to receive the signals. If you have a system too good to divulge, consider running it on and earn some extra profits!

How it Integrates

You'll see the WealthSignals Adapter in the list of "brokers" in the Quantacula Studio Signal Hub. Log in using your WealthSignals credentials.

You can associate your Quantacula Studio model with a strategy in one of two ways:

  1. Name your model the same name as your strategy.
  2. Add the text WSCode=XXX in the model's description in Quantacula Studio, where XXX is replaced by the WealthSignals's Strategy Code. You will see a list of your strategies and their accompanying Strategy Codes when you log into the WSAdapter.


Submitting your Signals

Simply select the signals you wish to submit in the Signal Hub and then click the "Place Signals" button. If the submission was successful, the signals' status will change to Published.

Q bitfool wrote 15 days ago

While we're (well, I'm) on the subject of missing indicators, how about interest in the Hurst exponent, a trend indicator of sorts.? Lots of references to it out there.

Published 24 days ago

The Relative Strength Index is a technical oscillator created by J. Welles Wilder in his 1978 book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. It ranges from 0 to 100, with values below 30 typically considered oversold and above 70 overbought.