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Market News
Dow Jones Futures: Fed Rate-Cut Timetable Moves Up
2 hours ago

Stock futures: Fed rate-cut odds are growing, with markets now betting a September move as likely, as an inverted yield curve unnerves markets.

Stock Futures: Check Premarket Prices On Dow Futures, S&P Futures, Nasdaq Futures
4 hours ago

See where the stock market may be headed by checking the premarket price action in the stock futures, including Dow futures, S&P futures and Nasdaq futures.

Dow Finds Support As Boeing Lifts, Apple Drags In Stock Market Today
13 hours ago

The Dow Jones industrials settled for minor gains as the key indexes sought direction in the stock market today. Boeing lifted the Dow, while Apple weighed.

Dow Jones Falls, Small Caps Rebound; Can Apple Conquer This New Chart Test?
14 hours ago

Apple fell after announcing new services, including a credit card. But major indexes traded quietly. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lagged small caps.

Stock Market Seeks Direction, But This Index Easily Outperforms
16 hours ago

The stock market was near session highs Monday afternoon, after indexes changed direction a few times so far. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was flat but its behavior was nonetheless positive.

Dow Jones Recovers After 130-Point Drop; Marijuana Stocks Rally, Led By Cronos Group
17 hours ago

Major stock indexes rallied off lows Monday. Marijuana stocks were in rally mode ahead of earnings from Cronos Group Tuesday before the open.

Stock Market Extends Losses; Dow Jones Stock Apple Sells Off
19 hours ago

The stock market was squarely lower early Monday, extending Friday's heavy losses in morning trade. Apple stock sold off about 2%.

U.S. Stock Market News
20 hours ago

Track current U.S. stock market news, and get analysis of the latest trends on the S&P 500, Nasdaq composite and Dow Jones industrial average. Plus, get timely alerts to the best stocks to buy and watch.

Stock Trading Weakens; Boeing, Apple Divide Dow Jones
20 hours ago

Boeing climbed as stock trading showed narrow gains Monday. Markets awaited the Apple streaming launch. The Dow Jones industrials faced a monthly decline.

Dow Jones Futures Tilt Lower; Apple Streaming, Boeing In Focus
22 hours ago

Stock futures were flat to lower Monday morning. The Apple streaming service event is Monday. Don't expect the Boeing 737 Max to fly soon.

Key Stock Indexes Suffer Weekly Loss As Dow Dives 460 Points
3 days ago

Key stock indexes sold off hard to close at session lows as trade concerns, falling bond yields and weak manufacturing data from Europe weighed.

What's New?
  • QStudio Q176 released today, with 2 new indicators, RangePct by Glitch in QCommunity indcators, and ZScore in TASC indicators.
  • Released QStudio Q175 update that includes the QCommunity Extensions, and a new By Symbol Model Result Viewer. The Viewer displays the most recent values of all plotted indicators and TimeSeries on a symbol by symbol basis, making it useful for screening symbols in a Universe.
  • Introducing the open source QCommunity Extensions library, a collection of indicators and other extensions created by the Quantacula community. QCommunity indicators are available on and will be integrated into Quantacula Studio when Q175 is released.
Q Merlin wrote 22 days ago

In the recent weeks, I've been publishing my trading signals through the Signal Hub fictitiously. Personally, I find the "daily manual" execution of all my strategies quite tedious therefore, I would like to make a feature request so that individual strategies can be executed automatically on a schedule?

Published by Q bitfool on 2/14/2019

This is the simple RSI rotation model published by Glitch. I'm leaving it as written, which makes it easier to see the way Glitch refactored things when moving to the Roto2 strategy which allows two (or more) rotation models to be combined.

APR: 19.07% • WIn Rate: 62.25% • Sharpe: 0.88
Q bitfool wrote on 2/11/2019

Hi, I'm fairly disappointed in QS performance when running it on my iMac with Parallels. I'm considering a dedicated PC for QS and related efforts. Anybody have suggestions on processor types or other considerations to aid my decision toward a cost-effective PC for running lots of QS models? What do you run QS on?

Q Merlin wrote 1 hour ago

@Glitch: It looks like i have a little missmatch with the public TASCExtensions library and my own Assembly of the TASCExtensions. How can i remove the public TASCExtensions library from my System? I prefer to use my own Version of the TASCExtensions library.


Q bitfool wrote 23 days ago

I think this is a problem, please set me straight. When running a dynamic universe like Nasdaq 100, QS doesn't start calculating a given indicator until the bar that a given symbol shows up in the universe (despite the existence of price data from before the moment it becomes part of the universe). For some indicators, like a short period SMA, that would be fine. But for other indicators, it creates a problem.

Published by Q bitfool on 2/14/2019

This is an attempt at a double rotation model, two separate models rotating as one. Now improved and refactored by Glitch!

APR: 19.80% • WIn Rate: 59.73% • Sharpe: 0.89
Q Glitch wrote on 2/11/2019

The Rotation Model is one of the primary types of trading systems you can create with Quantacula. It's a model that stays 100% invested in the market, rotating in and out of a fixed number of symbols in a universe. The rotation is controlled by a weight indicator, and the model keeps the symbols with the lowest or highest weight indicator value. You can rebalance the symbols on a daily, weekly, or longer interval. While creating a Rotation Model is very simple, it lacks certain features:

Published by Q Glitch 2 days ago

Takes positions when the number of bars since a higher high was achieved equals the highest value in a 120 bar lookback. As such, this is an example of a "self-tuning" model. The concept can be applied to other indicators such as ConsecDown.

APR: 10.08% • WIn Rate: 72.17% • Sharpe: 1.00
released 27 days ago

The QComposite extension lets you create composite breadth indicators and aggregate indicators on any Universe, simply by configuring a Quantacula indicator. QComposite does the heavy lifting of synchronizing the data, performing the calculations, and keeping the composite indicator up to date as needed, all behind the scenes. Simply drag and drop a QComposite indicator, use it in a Building Block Model, or create one via C# code.

The extension contains the following new indicators. Each indicator can work on any Quantacula Studio Universe, and most have a lookback period parameter so you can obtain great flexibility in breadth indicator creation.

  • CompAdvDec - Number or percent of advancers, decliners, or unchanged symbols
  • CompAdvDecLine - Advance/Decline Line, cumulative total of advancers minus decliners
  • CompAdvDecRatio - Advance/Decline Ratio, advancers divided by decliners
  • CompAdvDecSpread - Advance/Decline Spread, advancers minus decliners
  • CompBreadthThrust - Moving average of advancers divided by moving average of advancers plus decliners
  • CompInd - Select any Quantacula indicator, returns the average indicator value across the Universe
  • CompInd% - Returns the percentage of symbols for which a selected indicator is above or below a specified value
  • CompMcClellan - McClellan Oscillator, 19 period EMA of advancers minus decliners divided by the 39 period EMA of same
  • CompNewHighLow - Number or percent of symbols that made new highs or lows, specify a lookback or across the entire history
  • CompTRIN - Arms Index (TRIN), Advancers over decliners divided by advancing volume over declining volume


Using QComposite in C# Coded Models

The first parameter should be the BarHistory instance that was passed to your model. The second parameter is the name of the Universe to base the composite on, this is case sensitive. For composites based on indicators, create and pass an instance of the indicator to use. Here is an example of creating the CompInd aggregate indicator composite in code. It returns the average RSI(14) value for the symbols in the DOW 30 Universe.

using QuantaculaBacktest;
using QuantaculaCore;
using QuantaculaIndicators;
using QComposite;

namespace Quantacula
    public class MyModel : UserModelBase
        //create indicators and other objects here, this is executed prior to the main trading loop
        public override void Initialize(BarHistory bars)
		RSI rsi14 = new RSI(bars.Close, 14);
		compInd = new CompInd(bars, "DOW 30", rsi14);

        //execute the strategy rules here, this is executed once for each bar in the backtest history
        public override void Execute(BarHistory bars, int idx)

	//declare private variables below
	private CompInd compInd;

Q Glitch wrote on 2/11/2019

I'm working on a sophisticated model in C# that implements a rotation style strategy, but moves into a safe haven security when a certain condition occurs. I just discovered something pretty cool about the framework that I hadn't preconceived. After calling PlaceTrade you're handed the Transaction object that represents the order. You can assign a value to the Quantity property to override the default position size. In effect you can, coupled with using the CurrentEquity and possibly CurrentCash properties, implement your own custom position sizing right in the code! Here's a snippet where I issue a buy on an external symbol to move 100% into the safe haven.

Q BWO1000 wrote on 2/3/2019

May we implement this, Glitch? Your thoughts on this for interfacing the two backtesting features of a Quantacula Studio Model to uplink to WealthSignals like the C2 Autotrader Plugin we developed in the last two months for the new plugin?