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Little Engine on AAPL
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Market News
Stocks End Mostly Lower As Indexes Reverse; Dow Jones Escapes With A Gain
1 day ago

Stocks mostly closed lower Friday, well off session highs as the market's rebound turned back into a pumpkin. The Dow Jones industrial average was the only major index higher.

Dow Stocks Lead As 2 Big Names Soar; Apple Rallies On This News
1 day ago

Though down sharply from a big early gain, the Dow Jones industrial average continued to lead Friday as Procter & Gamble and American Express jumped.

Nasdaq Fades Badly, But Blue Chips Procter & Gamble, AmEx Soar On Earnings
2 days ago

Blue chips were among the best performers Friday as major stock indexes rebounded after Thursday's sell-off. Procter & Gamble and AmEx led the Dow higher.

Stock Indexes Battle At 200-Day Lines, Try To Hold Off Bears
2 days ago

Among IBD's 197 stock groups, soap, personal care and oil stocks were the day's top performers as the indexes retook their 200-day moving averages.

Tech Stocks Rebound As Apple Advances On New Bullish Commentary
2 days ago

Tech stocks rebounded Friday amid a number of strong earnings results. Apple jumped on bullish analyst commentary.

Stock Market Today: Track Market Trends And The Best Stocks To Watch
2 days ago

Check the Stock Market Today column to spot changes in market trend and track the best stocks to buy and watch.

U.S. Stock Market News
2 days ago

Track current U.S. stock market news, and get analysis of the latest trends on the S&P 500, Nasdaq composite and Dow Jones industrial average. Plus, get timely alerts to the best stocks to buy and watch.

Stocks Rebound As Apple, P&G And Disney Lead Dow Higher
2 days ago

Procter & Gamble, PayPal and Dentsply Sirona staked out early leads Friday as a rebounding market looked to stem its three-week decline.

Dow Jones Futures Signal Solid Rebound: Five Top Stocks Moving On Earnings
2 days ago

Futures rose early Friday after Thursday's sell-off hit more top stocks. PayPal earnings lifted PayPal and Square. American Express, Atlassian, Intuitive Surgical moved on earnings.

Stocks Dive; Dow Drops 300 Points As Apple, Caterpillar Weigh
2 days ago

Major indexes closed off their session lows but still suffered steep losses in the stock market today amid concerns including a hawkish Fed.

Dow Today Plunges As Stocks Fall Broadly; Netflix Rally Vanishes
2 days ago

Stocks sold off Thursday in a new wave of selling that sent indexes below key levels, while the Dow today erased all the week's gains.

What's New?
  • Quantacula Studio Q145 released, with 100+ new TASC indicators and right click option to hide benchmark line on equity curve
  • A contributor added over 100 new TASC indicators to our open source TASC Extensions library! The indicators are available on QWeb now and will be available in QStudio in a few days.
  • We added some filtering to the Building Block model builder for indicator selection. You can now show/hide indicators from different libraries by clicking the check boxes.
  • Published source code for TASC Extensions on GitHub
  • Released new AlphaVantage Historical Data Extension for Quantacula Studio
New Forum Topic: Error Could not copy VS assembly to QS directory
Merlin wrote 4 days ago

Error Could not copy "obj\Debug\MyQSExtensions.dll" to "........\Program Files (x86)\Quantacula, LLC\Quantacula Studio\MyQSExtensions.dll". Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed. The file is locked by: "Quantacula (208160)".

Obviously the DLL is locked when QS is open. Is there no way to compile/deploy directly from VS to QS without closing/reopening QS?

New Forum Topic: No Benchmark Symbol for Backtesting
Merlin wrote 11 days ago

Is there a way i can exclude a Benchmark Symbol during Back-testing?

New Model: 17 Liner by Robert
Published by Eugene 27 days ago
Testing code-based strategies
APR: 48.42% • WIn Rate: 68.54% • Sharpe: 1.58
New Forum Topic: Universe question and period problem
Findex wrote 1 day ago


When taking a web only license is it also possible to make an Europe universe? And when making the close period 20 it makes it 220. So close[20] is set to [220] and close[10] to close[110], so something doesn't work right.

Kind regards, Erik

New Forum Topic: TASC-Extensions Open Source Repository
Glitch wrote 5 days ago

We just published the source code for our TASC (Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine) extension on GitHub. The extension includes all of the indicators and other extensions we submit to the TASC Traders Tips article. It's a great source for those of you wanting to learn more about creating extensions for Quantacula.

TASC-Extensions repository on GitHub

New Forum Topic: Not getting signals
VKQ1 wrote 13 days ago

I guess it must me that I am using the wrong condition? See my drag and drop example. And there are no historical trades. Also I realized that I can only upload JPG and not PNG?

New Model: Little Engine
Published by Glitch 27 days ago
Buy low, sell higher.
APR: 14.98% • WIn Rate: 69.06% • Sharpe: 1.21
New Forum Topic: Squished type/buried parameter boxes
gmorg wrote 2 days ago

Sorry for the persistence but had recently asked this v. basic question and post has gotten lost. On two different Win 10 machines, the script plus parameter boxes are in places squished/cut off, or, worse, completely covered over and thence unavailable (eg. timeframe box missing in "Model Settings'). Display is fine on other programs. Have tried all recent Versions Q143, 144 and 145. Am earnestly trying to fairly evaluate Q-Studio. Is there some global format setting, say, that I can't find? Thanks.

New Extension: AlphaVantage
released 5 days ago

Provides historical end of day and intraday data from Go to the AlphaVantage web site and obtain your API key, then enter the key when you configure this Data Provider in Quantacula Studio.

AlphaVantage provide 20 years of free end of day history for US stocks, as well as 10 days of free intraday history for the following intervals:

  • 1 minute
  • 5 minute
  • 15 minute
  • 30 minute
  • 60 minute

New Model: Modified 17 Liner
Published by Robert 24 days ago
17-liner modified to take only 1 position per bar. 3% sizes, no more than 4 positions per stock. 1 position per day, 10% stop loss (closing basis), and no new positions on a day that a position is sold.
APR: 12.01% • WIn Rate: 63.42% • Sharpe: 0.84
New Model: 32
Published by VKQ1 on 9/19/2018
APR: 2.39% • WIn Rate: 57.28% • Sharpe: 0.31