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Market News
Apple and Tesla earnings, along with the Fed and GDP will drive markets in the week ahead
4 hours ago
Stimulus euphoria may be waning, but Investors have plenty to focus on in the week ahead, including a blast of earnings and a Fed meeting.
Biden says nothing can change the trajectory of the Covid pandemic over the next several months
3 hours ago
President Joe Biden has painted a bleak picture of the nation's coronavirus outbreak, warning that it will take months to turn around the pandemic's trajectory
Trump's Senate impeachment trial will start the week of Feb. 8, Schumer says
4 hours ago
Schumer said the Senate will have a couple of weeks to work on filling out President Biden's Cabinet before Trump's impeachment trial starts.
S&P 500 slips from all-time high, Nasdaq ends week up 4% at a record
6 hours ago
The S&P 500 retreated from record levels, while the strength in major technology names pushed the Nasdaq composite to another all-time high.
Microsoft President Brad Smith explains how political contributions really work
5 hours ago
Brad Smith said because Microsoft has contributed to campaigns, representatives can attend events, and that can result in a willingness to work with Microsoft.
Tesla engineering director Joseph Mardall leaves for drone start-up Zipline
2 hours ago
Mardall led the development of a Model Y heat pump system and led Tesla's efforts to engineer a ventilator that could be produced using car parts.
NBC Sports Network will shut down inĀ 2021 and sports rights will move to USA Network
5 hours ago
The sports network, which was rebranded in 2011, will move its NHL, NASCAR and Premier League rights to USA Network.
CDC quietly changes Covid vaccine guidance to OK mixing Pfizer and Moderna shots in 'exceptional situations'
6 hours ago
The CDC says the two products are not interchangeable, but it added in updated guidance posted Thursday that it's OK to mix the shots in rare circumstances.
Democrats to target IRS in probe of tax-exempt pro-Trump groups that organized rally before Capitol riot
5 hours ago
Senate Democrats take aim at the IRS in a probe of dark money groups involved with the rally leading up to the deadly Capitol riot.
'A Quiet Place II' delayed again, sets sights on September release
2 hours ago
What's New?
Sept 29, 2020
  • Quantacula Studio Build Q217 released, with a new Broker Interface so you can use the Signal Hub to place trades to your TD Ameritrade account.
June 27, 2020
June 13, 2020
  • Introducing the Quantacula Stock Screener! You can screen the entire US stock market using finely detailed custom screening criteria created using our drag and drop Building Blocks. Save and publish your favorite Screens with the Quantacula community!
May 13, 2020
  • Quantacula Studio Q211 released, with a useful new feature that lets you save and quickly load Indicator Sets in your charts.
May 8, 2020
  • We added a new Model Ranking page, with all of the Published Models run against the same Q100 Universe and using the same backtest settings.
Endro wrote 11 days ago

Hi, I've been trading for about 4 years and would like to get some information on how easy/hard it would be to create an effective trading bot that would simulate my normal trading system. The rules are pretty simple its a strategy that most people are aware of which is the MACD cross over when above or below the 0 and a 200 ema to filter out "false" signals. I have zero programing knowledge basically and I can't seem to add more than one indicator for back testing.

Published by ninosgr on 12/10/2020
The author has not provided a description for this model.
APR: 0.00% • Win Rate: 0.00% • Sharpe: 0.00
Published by saravanan on 9/14/2020

You can buy the automated system at my website

APR: 4.26% • Win Rate: 50.00% • Sharpe: 0.86
Invilleralo wrote 13 hours ago

?????????????? Tegs: ????????????? ??????? ?? ??????????????????

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W Findex wrote 16 days ago


The Qweb model backtest just keeps running without completing.

Kind regards, Erik

Published by Q bitfool on 12/1/2020

This strategy is modified for stocks from one I found reported on an options trading forum (behind paywall) as follows:

//// START

Here are the trading rules:

  • Sell a put credit spread at 35-45 DTE, 20-30 delta when the Upper Bollinger Band (3, 3) is below the Lower Bollinger Band (20, 1).
  • Close at 50% profit.

Bollinger 3,3 means Bollinger 3 period at 3 Standard Deviations. Bollinger 20,1 means Bollinger 20 period at 1 STD DEV.

I call it the Bollinger Bend because that upper bollinger bends down kind of like an elastic when it goes under the lower bollinger and more often than not it also flings back up again just like an elastic.

//// END

APR: 13.58% • Win Rate: 57.71% • Sharpe: 0.92
Published by Glitch on 8/7/2020

RSI4 crosses above RSI14 while RSI14 is oversold.

JohnGes wrote 15 hours ago

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Q bitfool wrote 23 days ago

I'm not sure if this is a Quandl problem, or a personal issue, but I can't access a Quandl database for VIX futures.

I'm running Q217, just installed the Quandl extension package. It works to call up a symbol if I use the default WIKI database (in the tester), but problems with other things like actually using it:

  1. I can't seem to access CHRIS/CBOE_VX1 (or 2, 3, 4... any of the continuous VIX futures) as a data source. These report as NULL values in the tester, and if I configure a Quandl indicator to try and use one of them, it shows up as NaN with no graphed data shown.

  2. I can't get the example in the extension docs to work either, the one with SF1 and @_EQUITY_MRQ. Also gives me NaN.

  3. The Fear and Greed indicator works. So I am getting through to Quandl with my API, but unsure of the reason for these problems. Configuration? WIKI is set as my default.

Glitch wrote on 11/2/2020

I have some big news regarding the future of Quantacula. As some of you may know, prior to developing Quantacula, I created Wealth-Lab, another backtesting and trading platform, and the first web site that offered portfolio level backtesting. Wealth-Lab was acquired by Fidelity Investments in 2004, and I continued to work with Fidelity improving Wealth-Lab until a few years ago. Upon my departure from Fidelity, I developed Quantacula, which incorporated many modern features that Wealth-Lab lacked.

Published by Glitch on 6/6/2020

4 consecutive down days, and the RSI(14) turns up after having been in oversold territory within the past 3 bars.