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Market News
In race to bring vaccine to market, big pharma struggles to protect its intellectual property rights
1 hour ago
The World Health Organization this week said 21 candidate vaccines are in clinical trials at the moment, meaning they are being tested on human volunteers.
Joe Biden proposes a $700 billion-plus 'Buy American' campaign
36 minutes ago
Democratic candidate Joe Biden is proposing sweeping new uses of the federal government's regulatory and spending power to bolster U.S. manufacturing and technology firms.
Stock futures edge lower after Nasdaq clinches new record
43 minutes ago
Futures were slightly lower early Thursday after the Nasdaq Composite clinched its 25th record close for 2020 in the last session.
Top Chinese diplomats give conciliatory signals while demanding respect from the U.S.
2 hours ago
China's top two foreign ministers kept to a conciliatory tone this week in public remarks about relations with the U.S., amid increasingly fraught tensions between the world's two largest economies.
Coronavirus live updates: California ramps up hospital capacity as cases surge
1 hour ago
The coronavirus has now killed more than 548,000 worldwide.
United warns 36,000 employees of potential job cuts as pandemic roils travel demand
12 hours ago
United is warning some 36,000 front-line employees about potential job cuts as the pandemic hinders a return to travel.
WTO to select new leader at a time of crisis — here's who's on the list
4 hours ago
The change at the helm of the WTO comes at a time when many question the future of the organization as an advocate for international trade.
Supreme Court decisions likely Thursday in fight over Trump tax returns, financial records
1 hour ago
The president has resisted efforts to make him turn over the documents sought by Congress and a New York DA.
Bed Bath & Beyond to close 200 stores over 2 years as sales fall almost 50% during pandemic
12 hours ago
Bed Bath & Beyond said Wednesday that it plans to permanently close roughly 200 of its namesake stores over the next two years, starting later this year, as it works toward getting back to profitability amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Amazon pulls Washington Redskins merchandise from its site amid calls for the team to change its name
12 hours ago
Amazon said it would pull a variety of products featuring the Washington team, including jerseys, t-shirts and jewelry.
What's New?
June 27, 2020
June 13, 2020
  • Introducing the Quantacula Stock Screener! You can screen the entire US stock market using finely detailed custom screening criteria created using our drag and drop Building Blocks. Save and publish your favorite Screens with the Quantacula community!
May 13, 2020
  • Quantacula Studio Q211 released, with a useful new feature that lets you save and quickly load Indicator Sets in your charts.
May 8, 2020
  • We added a new Model Ranking page, with all of the Published Models run against the same Q100 Universe and using the same backtest settings.
Published by Q Glitch 17 days ago

RSI4 crosses above RSI14 while RSI14 is oversold.

Published by Q Glitch on 6/6/2020

4 consecutive down days, and the RSI(14) turns up after having been in oversold territory within the past 3 bars.

Matteo wrote 12 days ago

I need to backtest using 1 minute candle, but when I set in the Model Settings--> Data Scale --> 1 minute, when I see the backtest result it is daily candle, how can I trade using 1 minute candle?

Q Glitch wrote 18 days ago

I'm considering creating a new Condition Building Block, Trend Line Break. You could specify how the trend line would be defined, minimum number of points, minimum "fit" value, and reversal percentage, and whether it's an up or down trend line. The Condition would then trigger when prices break above a falling trend line, or below a rising trend line. I think it would be particularly useful for the new Screening tool.

Q Merlin wrote on 6/4/2020

Compiler problem since V3:

  • The compiler says that the var rebalance was declared but never used, which is not correct?
  • At line 46 he loses his mind completely. What's the problem here?
Published by Q Glitch on 5/27/2020

RSI (20 period) turns up from oversold level.

Q Merlin wrote 12 days ago

In a coded rotation model, I try to shift on the 20th of each month. For whatever reasons it doesn't works on every month. In June 2020, January 2020, October 2019 and July 2020 the shifting wasn't done. What I'm doing wrong in the code?

public override void PreExecute(DateTime dt, List<BarHistory> participants)
			MarketDetails md = participants[0].Market;
			DateTime nextTradingDay = dt;
				nextTradingDay = nextTradingDay.AddDays(1);
			while (!md.IsTradingDay(nextTradingDay));

			if (nextTradingDay.Day != 20)
				rebalance = false;
			rebalance = true;
taylortree wrote 22 days ago

Does anyone experience their backtest just spinning forever using the web version? It spins with every model (personal or published). At some point the problem appears to self-resolve - but haven't found a pattern as to why.

Q Merlin wrote on 6/2/2020

Hi Glitch, yesterday I had a signal for GLOG. Unfortunately, I bought "Global Graphics" instead of "GasLog" (due to an Inter-Market selection in IB). Do you see a way to put the company name into the signal hub?

Published by Q Glitch on 3/8/2020

Goes long at open when a security gaps down 10% and the QQQs gap down 1%. Sells at close. Since the model needs to "peek ahead" at the next bar's open price, it is not able to generate next day alerts.

APR: 2.30% • Win Rate: 50.40% • Sharpe: 0.10