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The open-source GitHub repository of source code for the QCommunity Extensions library. Contains indicators and other extensions submitted by the Quantacula Community. Look for QCommunity indicators when you create a Building Block model, mark the "QCommunity" library check box to expose them.

The open-source GitHub repository of source code for the TASCExtensions Quantacula extension. Contains indicators and other extensions adapted from the Traders' Tips articles in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
Defining a Backtest Universe
Published by Q Glitch on 9/28/2018

A Universe is simply a collection of ticker symbols (stock symbols, cryptocurrency symbols, etc.) When you backtest a trading model, you can either run the model against a single symbol, or against a universe.

Backtest Universe

Basic Universes (Free Membership)

If you have a free membership, you can backtest against the two basic universes provided on

  • Mixed USA – A collection of 10 US stocks from different industries
  • Cryptos – A collection of 5 cryptocurrency/USD pairs

If you have opened a model created by another Quantacula member, you may also notice the custom universe that the model creator saved with their model. You can backtest with this custom universe even with a free membership.

Custom Universes (Premium Membership)

If you have a premium membership then you can create your own custom universes, selecting the symbols that you desire. Go to the My Universes page from the main menu to work with your custom universes. currently offers end of day data for the US stock market, and cryptocurrencies. To specify a cryptocurrency symbol, append a .USD to the end (for example, Bitcoin is BTC.USD.) You can also use cross-crypto currency symbols like BTC.ETH.

Premium Universes (Premium Membership)

With a premium membership you also gain access to the intelligent premium universes. These universes dynamically represent the following market indices:

  • Dow 30
  • Nasdaq 100
  • S&P 100

Unlike a static custom universe, whose symbols remain consistent throughout a backtest, the premium universes contain special logic that ensure that the symbols that were currently in the index at any point in time are applied in a backtest. The dynamic nature of these universes eliminates the problem of survivorship bias.

Survivorship bias occurs when you pick a group of symbols based on some current information (such as the current composition of the Dow 30) and backtest using this group of symbols beginning at an earlier date. Since the best performing stocks are typically added to a market index, survivorship bias invariably leads to artificially inflated backtest results that you'd have little hope of duplicating in live trading.

Backtest Universe