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QCommunity Extensions
The open-source GitHub repository of source code for the QCommunity Extensions library. Contains indicators and other extensions submitted by the Quantacula Community. Look for QCommunity indicators when you create a Building Block model, mark the "QCommunity" library check box to expose them.

The open-source GitHub repository of source code for the TASCExtensions Quantacula extension. Contains indicators and other extensions adapted from the Traders' Tips articles in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
Using Extensions
Published by Glitch on 9/28/2018

This article will describe how to use different Extensions available from the Marketplace in your Quantacula Models. Extensions come in many flavors. Below are all of the possible Extension types. All Extensions are consumable by Quantacula Studio, while Building Block and Indicator Extensions can also be consumed on

  • Building Blocks (consumable by
  • Broker Connections
  • Chart Drawing Objects
  • Chart Styles
  • Fundamental Data Sources
  • Historical Data Sources
  • Indicators (consumable by
  • Models (Compiled libraries)
  • Model Result Viewers
  • Optimizers (Optimization methods)
  • Optimization Result Viewers
  • Quantacula Studio Extensions (provides new Tool windows in QS)
  • Streaming Data Sources
  • Universe Providers

Using Extensions on

To use a Building Block or Indicator Extension on, simply purchase a license for the Extension from the Marketplace. Extensions are sold for a one-time purchase. Once you purchase the license, the Extension is available in Building Blocks appear in the Building Block Mode Compose tab. Indicators appear there as well, and also in the Rotation Model Compose tab.


Using Extensions in Quantacula Studio

To load an Extension into Quantacula Studio, you first have to download and install it on the target computer. Go to the Extension's page from the Marketplace and click the Install link.


The next time you start up Quantacula Studio, you'll receive a message indicating that a 30 day trial license is being generated for the new Extension. Try the Extension for up to 30 days, and if it delivers value, purchase it to convert your trial license to a lifetime license.

Building New Extensions

If you're a C# programmer, you can build your own Extensions using a development tool like Visual Studio or SharpDevelop. We offer a set of API documents that explain how to build each of the types of Extensions. If you wish to add your Extension to our Marketplace, contact us for details, we look forward to seeing our library of Extensions expand and grow!