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WealthSignals Publisher
Latest Version 2.0.2
Released on Sep 13, 2019

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Targets QStudio only
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The WealthSignals Adapter is a Quantacula Studio Broker Adapter that lets you submit trading signals to one of your strategies. WealthSignals is a site where traders can publish their trading signals, either from a mechanical trading system, or their gut, and garner subscribers who pay a monthly fee to receive the signals. If you have a system too good to divulge, consider running it on and earn some extra profits!

How it Integrates

You'll see the WealthSignals Adapter in the list of "brokers" in the Quantacula Studio Signal Hub. Log in using your WealthSignals credentials.

You can associate your Quantacula Studio model with a strategy in one of two ways:

  1. Name your model the same name as your strategy.
  2. Add the text WSCode=XXX in the model's description in Quantacula Studio, where XXX is replaced by the WealthSignals's Strategy Code. You will see a list of your strategies and their accompanying Strategy Codes when you log into the WSAdapter.


Submitting your Signals

Simply select the signals you wish to submit in the Signal Hub and then click the "Place Signals" button. If the submission was successful, the signals' status will change to Published.