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Before purchasing a license, please sign in to the web site so that your new license can be properly registered. If you purchase a license without signing in, we will attempt to contact you via email to synchronize your license with your Quantacula account.
Quantacula Studio Lifetime License

This license allows you to activate Quantacula Studio and use the version you downloaded indefinitely. It also includes 12 months of free Quantacula Studio upgrades, and 12 months of Premium membership status on the web site (see the Web Only License below for Premium membership details). At any point after this period, you can purchase a $99 maintenance license to gain another 12 months of upgrades and Premium status. After you obtain the license, simply select the Help/Download My License from the Quantacula Studio menu to activate. This is a one-time charge only, not a recurring subscription.

Web Only License
If you don't need Quantacula Studio, you can puchase a Web Only license to gain Premium membership benefits. These include:
  • Save an unlimited number of trading models, instead of the free membership's limit of 3.
  • Run Stock Screens on the entire US stock market using our Condition Building Blocks.
  • Create your own data Universes, and backtest on the data you need.
  • Access the QPremium dynamic Universes that eliminate survivorship bias in your backtests.
Select your desired license period below. This is a one-time charge only, not a recurring subscription.

12-month Web License
3-month Web License
1-month Web License
If you already have a yearly QWeb membership, and want to upgrade to Quantacula Studio, use this upgrade link.

Click here to browse through our collection of Extensions that can ramp up both Quantacula Studio, and the web site, to a whole new level!
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