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- Quantacula Studio Version 2 Beta
We're excited to offer this open beta download for the new Quantacula Studio Version 2. This update represents a complete re-write of the user interface. We decided to undertake this project for a few reasons:

• It was clear that QS Version 1 (written using the Windows Forms user-interface platform) was not able to adaquately respond to displays with high DPI. We wrote Version 2's user interface from the ground up in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to finally address this.

• We incorporated many UI enhancements based on actual feedback we received from QS Version 1 users. We hope Version 2 delivers a solid bump in overall experience, irrespective of DPI issues.

Note that QS Version 2 is in beta status. This means there might be bugs and certain incomplete features. Below is a list of things we know are incomplete and are still being addressed.
  • The Help System - about half done now.
  • The ability to schedule a Model to run on a daily basis.
  • Most of the code editor settings.
  • We discovered some quirks in the way the WPF MDI (Multiple Document Interface) library works. This is related to managing the multiple windows (solved).
Side by Side Operation
QS Version 2 and QS Version 1 install into separate folders and should not interface with each other. They both share the same user data folder, which means your Models, Data Sources, etc., can be shared between versions. If you do want to keep running Version 1, please make sure you are upgraded to Q184, otherwise you may run into crashes or other problems once QS Version 2 starts altering the user data folder.

Without further ado, click the link below to download Quantacula Studio Version 2 beta.

Let use this Forum Topic for feedback and reports related to the QS Version 2 beta.

We are updating all of the extensions one by one to ensure that they can operate with QSV2. Here is a log of QS Version 2 extension readiness. Click the download links to install extensions after you've already installed QS Version 2.