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Quantacula Studio Update Log
Beta Build 8 Available (8/25/2019)
  • Added About Box, which also shows you all of the extensions you have loaded and their license status.
  • Fixed some problems with Bands rendering, and shored up the chart rendering so it can work with Ichimouku Clouds.
Beta Build 7 Available (8/23/2019)
  • Turned on virtualization in Universes tree so it is responsive even when loaded with Universes containing thousands of symbols.
Beta Build 6 Available (8/22/2019)
  • SymbolData indicator now works, along with any other indicators/building blocks using String and PriceComponent parameters.
  • Some internal changes to get QComposite extension functional.

QS Version 2 Beta (8/22/2019)
  • Version 2 beta now available!
  • click here for all the details and a download link!

To view the old Quantacula Studio Version 1 update log click here.