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Quantacula Studio Update Log
Q163 Updates (12/12/2018)
  • Hot fix to clear up issues with fundamental items plotting on chart, and being accessible in the fundamental indicators.
Q162 Updates (12/11/2018)
  • Right click menu added to copy chart image to clipboard.
  • The benchmark backtest will now use the model's StartIndex as a buy point. This change lets the backtest more fairly compare against the benchmark result.
  • In Chart Preferences you can now select which fundamental items to plot.
  • New alert in model builder window status bar, shows number of Signals, click to open Signal Hub.
  • Long-only and Short-only columns added to the model performance metrics report.
  • You can now right click to view the Long and Short Equity Curves in the Equity Curve viewer.
Q161 Updates (12/7/2018)
  • You can now hide the compile messages pane in C# Coded Models.
  • Added Martin Pring's SpecialK indicator.
  • QDocs gets another expansion, with most framework classes and enums now documented.
  • QS will now automatically create a custom Universe for Historical Data Source extensions that are auto-created, if the Data Source provides the Symbols.
Q160 Updates (12/5/2018)
  • QDocs has gotten a major overhaul with more documented classes and members.
  • Major enhancements to PeakTroughCalculator provide the ability to more easily detect divergences.
  • DataLoaderBase has been given LoadFromStorage and SaveToStorage methods to make it easier to implement bulk data updates.
  • New ZigZag indicator, and accompanying ZigZag plot style.
Q159 Updates (12/3/2018)
  • Fixed some issues with the FundamentalRatio indicator, and dropped the FundamentalMonthlySum indicator and folded its functionality into FundamentalRatio.
  • Added a GetFundamentals method to BarHistory to return fundamental items by name.
  • Fixed bug that caused exception when running a model without a symbol specified in single-symbol backtest mode.
  • Provided a Bulk Data Update option for Historical Data Loaders.
  • Updated Yahoo! Finance Fundamental Data Source to respond to change in splits format.
  • Updated US Treasuries indicator to respond to change in data format.
Q158 Updates
  • Positions Viewer now has stats for Open Positions.
Q157 Updates
  • Add new plot style Bands to plot filled bands, and defaulted band-based indicators to use this new style.
Q156 Updates
  • Added Futures Mode testing in Backtest Preferences, and the Markets and Symbols tool where you can configure futures backtesting.
  • Added FundamentalMonthlySum and FundamentalRatio indicators.
  • Fundamental Data Providers now have a configuration option.
  • You can now automatically create a Universe from a new ASCII or Metastock Data Source.
Q155 Updates
  • Fixed PCRiFast family of indicators in TASC Extensions which were writing into the source TimeSeries.
Q154 Updates
  • New Model Result Viewer, Periodic Returns lets you see Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly returns, and see interesting groupings like Average Return by Day of Week or Month of Year.
  • Added new Price Component - AveragePriceHLCC.
  • All standard indicators now have static Series methods as an alternative to using new to create instances in code. This lets you more naturally code certain indicator implementations.
Q153 Updates
  • Added Quotes & Price Triggers tool.
  • Added new Price Components - AveragePriceOHLC, AveragePriceHLC, AveragePriceHL and AveragePriceOC.
Q152 Updates
  • Fixed BooleanDots plot style issues.
  • Added several new static methods and operator overaloads to TimeSeries class to ease indicator construction code.
  • Added PFE and SVE Volatility Bands Smoothed indicators to TASC extensions.
Q151 Updates
  • Added new plot style BooleanDots which show dots above price bars when indicator values > 0.
  • Added new metrics to the Performance Report and Monthly Performance report.
Q150 Updates
  • Added some core level methods to support the new MorningStar Extension:
  • Added Insert methods to BarHistory and TimeSeries.
Q149 Updates
  • Added ATRTrail (ATR Trailing Stop) to TASC Indicators.
  • Added the QData Historical Data Provider which has full coverage of the US stock market for daily history.
Q148 Updates
  • Fixed font issues with high DPI display settings.
Q147 Updates
  • Fixed a bug that caused models not be download from QCom into the "Published Models" folder.
Q146 Updates
  • Added MAMA and FAMA adaptive moving averages by John Ehlers to the TASC Indicators library.
  • The BasicExtensions static class now has a new helper method to convert radians to degrees, ToDegrees.
  • Added a Fill method to the TimeSeries class to make it easier to fill them with a specific value during indicator construction.
  • Added new TimeSeries constructor to pre-fill the TimeSeries with a desired value upon creation.
Q145 Updates
  • Over 100 new indicators added to TASC Indicators library.
  • Added right click option on equity curve to hide benchmark line.
Q144 Updates
  • calls revised to work with new site.
  • Added GetHighestBar and GetLowestBar methods to TimeSeries class.
Q143 Updates
  • Added CostBasis property to Transaction class.
  • Limit Orders now have a default transaction weight, entries that open farther below previous close more heavily weighted.
Q142 Updates
  • Exposed exceptions in Initialize and Execute methods to code editor error list in C# Coded Models.
  • Added background color option in C# Model code editor.
  • C# Coded Models now automatically reference System.Linq, System.Xml.Linq, and System.Data assemblies.
Q141 Updates
  • Added Default Symbol option in Chart Preferences interface.
  • Added new indicator, SplitRev, to return reverse split adjusted open, high, low, close, volume data.
  • Added new ParameterType, PriceComponent, to the Parameter class, so parameters can express open, high, low, close or volume.
Q140 Updates
  • Added fundamental data loaders, so you can pair desired fundamental data with any historical data.
  • Documented the FundamentalDataPoint class.
  • Added ProfitPctAsOf method in the Position class.
Q139 Updates
  • Added Debug Log window for C# Coded models, and the accompanying WriteToDebugLog method.
Q138 Updates
  • Added Maximum Open Positions in Position Size selection, and option in Condition.
  • Added DrawHorzLine method for C# models.
  • Implemented some enhancements to QuoteMedia data source to cope with situations of poor data quality.
Q137 Updates
  • Improved the interactivity and visuals of the 3D optimization surface graph.
  • Changes to support new product licensing scheme.
Q136 Updates
  • A note on Custom Indicators: if you create custom indicators in QS using the Indicator Builder, you will need to run QS as Administrator in order for your custom indicators to work in models. This is a limitation of the .NET Framework.
  • Added two new drawing objects, Cubic Spline and Finbonacci Extensions.
Q135 Updates
  • Added a new Drawing Object API method, MoveComplete, to support new drawing objects being developed/li>
Q134 Updates
  • Added new drawing objects, Fibonacci Fan Lines, Fibonacci Arcs
  • Group drawing objects
  • Backtester enhancement for limit orders, always prioritize orders where the open price exceeds the limit price
  • Fix for custom indicators, they were not able to be used in models
Q133 updates
  • Significant performance improvement using GetHistory in C# Coded Models
  • Added option to use @ for symbol replacement in Quandl indicator
  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
Q132 updates
  • Product now runs as a native 64-bit executable on 64-bit machines
  • Several minor charting fixes and improvements
Q131 updates
  • Fixed bug in open BB model menu item
Q130 updates
  • Log scale chart option
  • QDocs - added HistoryScale class
Q129 updates
  • Introducing Q-Docs, documentation for C# Coded Models completely integrated into the code editor
  • Click a word in the editor to automatically look up the associated Q-Doc entry
  • Most entries have fully coded example Models that you can open with the click of a button
  • The core classes are documented, but we will flesh out Q-Doc with more classes in subsequent release
  • Also added several general code opimizations to improve performance
Q128 updates
  • Platform now targets .NET version 4.7.1
Q127 updates
  • Added IsFirstBarOfDay and IsLastBarOfDay methods to the BarHistory class for intraday C# Coded Models
  • You can now drag & drop an indicator into the C# Code Model code editor, or copy it to the clipboard from the description window
Q126 updates
  • Added a provision in the Model Builder window to re-use the historical data already downloaded from the previous backtest
  • Fix, new binary format was loading first N bars instead of most recent N bars when that position size option was selected
Q125 updates
  • For C# Coded Models, added two new overloads to the Plot method that let you plot another BarHistory on the chart, either sharing the vertical axis with the primary symbol or forcing the axis to accomodate the new plot
Q124 updates
  • Fixed a bug that caused a startup crash if no internet connection
  • Indicators that persist (Quandl, US-Treasury) now use binary file format
Q123 updates
  • Added two new chart drawing objects, the Gain Ruler and the Pointer
  • You can now save layouts, to help organize and quickly load favorite workspace configurations
  • Historical data is now stored in a new, highly optimized, binary file format for maximum performance
  • Models downloaded from could not be dropped onto charts, this has been fixed
Q122 updates
  • Added Fundamental indicator to work with fundamental data provided by Historical Data Sources
  • Yahoo Historical Data Source now provides dividends and splits
Q121 updates
  • UI component enhancements to support Indicator Evaluator extension and other future extensions
Q120 updates
  • Error handling when loading Building Block Models that contain Extensions that you don't have installed
  • Model Result Viewer charts (equity curve, etc.) can copy their image to clipboard
  • Mechanism for letting extensions report the minimum QS version that they require
Q119 updates
  • In Building Block Models, you can now re-use Optimization Parameters, apply one OP to several of the Model Parameters
Q118 updates
  • View introductory videos from Start Page
  • Market definitions now allow for trade quantities at decimal precision
  • Cryptocompare extension 1.0.2 update - quantity set to 8 decimals precision
  • Associate a Benchmark Symbol Override with a Universe
  • Changing (configuring) already created Universes is now available
Q116 & Q117 updates
  • Internal code optimization and refactoring, UI improvements
  • New UI components required by upcoming QS extension
Q115 updates
  • Miscellaneous optimization improvements
  • Parameter History Optimization Result Viewer
Q114 updates
  • QS now automatically downloads models published on into special folder
  • Profit distribution can now zoom in to get more details on a range of values
Q113 updates
  • Profit distribution Model Result Viewer
Q112 updates
  • Minor user interface improvements in model builder
  • Improvements in creation of new data sources
Q111 updates
  • StochRSI indicator
  • Fix for saving histories with special characters in the symbol
Q110 updates
  • Internal changes required by new extensions under development
  • PlaceTrade method now returns instance of the Transaction object, making it possible to set its TransactionWeight
Q109 updates
  • Fix: Don't auto-create Interactive Brokers Historical Data Source
Q108 updates
  • More indicator filter options
  • KST indicator
  • Minor UI improvements
Q107 updates
  • Internal changes to how licensed extensions are detected
Q106 updates
  • Automatically create Historical Data Source for newly-discovered extension
Q105 updates
  • Minor improvements in how building blocks behave when drag/dropped
Q104 updates
  • Alpha and Beta model performance metrics
  • Get help hint on performance metrics when you click on them in report
Q103 updates
  • RVI indicator
  • Mechanism for indicators to use different smoothers
Q102 updates
  • Enhancements to support multiple markets (needed for Cryptocompare extension)
Q101 updates
  • Minor internal refactoring
Q100 updates
  • Added Median indicator
Q99 updates
  • Small refactor of how indicator descriptions are accessed
Q98 updates
  • Fix bug that caused Indicator Crosses Signal Line building block to fail
Q97 updates
  • Fix bug that caused building block drag & drop to fail
Q96 updates
  • Warn user if their preferred Data Source is disabled before backtest
Q95 updates
  • Horizontal Line drawing object now has pane value marker
  • Building Blocks now have disable check boxes
Q94 updates
  • Use HTTPS in calls to
Q93 updates
  • Intermal updates to support IQFeed extension
Q92 updates
  • Code editor improvements, including Intellisense on constructors
Q91 updates
  • Fix for symbols bought just before they exit an index
Q90 updates
  • Help URL for indicators
  • Installs signed with new EV Certificate
Q88 & 89 updates
  • Fix - backtester was sometimes not finding position to close
Q87 updates
  • Rename Wealth Data data source to Q-Premium
  • Allow Q-Premium dynamic universes to populate asynchronously
Q86 updates
  • Intellisense on extensions in code editor
Q85 updates
  • Fix so Candlesticks and Optimizer use new Data Valet component
  • Rename WealthData to Q-Premium and remove S&P 500 universe
Q84 updates
  • Fix for API requests
Q83 updates
  • Show fundamental items on chart (currently only Quandl data source supplies fundamental items)
Q82 updates
  • Fixes so Quandl extension can work better
Q81 updates
  • Fix so custom indicators can be used in models
  • Fix Aroon indicators
Q80 updates
  • Fix VisualStyle error if no Windows theme installed
  • Add FindOpenPosition overload for PositionType
Q79 updates
  • BacktestBegin Model API method
Q78 updates
  • Home and End arrows in chart scrollbar
  • OpenPositionsAllSymbols property for Model API
  • Fix for multi-position Models
Q77 updates
  • Fix, dropping indicators weren't plotting
Q76 updates
  • Monthly Returns Model Result Viewer
  • Add Point option for PeakTroughCalculator
Q75 updates
  • Add Profitable and Unprofitable Positions sections in Metrics Report
Q74 updates
  • Fix for % of equity determination
Q73 updates
  • Drag building blocks around in model designer
  • Handle free extensions
Q72 updates
  • Fix: Rotation Models were not using supplied indicator parameters
Q71 updates
  • Added GetPositions and GetPositionsAllSymbols to Model API, removed Positions property
  • Added BacktestComplete virtual method to Model API
Q70 updates
  • Added Positions property to Model API
Q65 through & Q69 updates
  • Fixed WealthData dynamic list bug
Q64 updates
  • WealthData dynamic lists now support multiple in and out ranges
Q63 updates
  • Symbol Filter Condition
  • Indicator Symbol Qualifier
  • StartIndex property for Models
Q62 updates
  • License now stores whether or not a subscription is active
Q61 updates
  • Error handling, spelling fixes
  • Use image combo box in Candlestick Genetic Evolver
Q60 updates
  • Fixed Qualifier bug
  • Fixed WealthData exception if no internet connection