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After you click Submit Screen, please give the Screener at least several seconds to process the Screen. The bigger the universe you screen against, the longer the Screen will take to complete. When finished, you'll be presented with a page containing the Screen results.

Note: Guest members can run Screens against the S&P 100 index only. Upgrade to a Quantacula Web or Premium Membership to run this Screen against the entire US stock market.


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Stock Screener Tips

Drag Condition Building Blocks onto the Screen Composition Surface to compose your Screen. All of the Conditions must resolve to true for a stock to be included in the Screen results.

Select the gear () icon on your Conditions to change indicators, periods, and other parameters. If the parameter is an indicator, you can choose any technical indicator, or a price component like open, high, low, close or volume.

Optionally drop a Qualifier Building Block onto a Condition in order to modify its logic. For example, you can adjust a Condition so that it resolves to true if it occured sometime within the past 5 trading days.